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Concrete Driveways

Aurora, IL

Wilson & Sons Concrete Contractors build structurally sound, attractive Concrete Driveways Aurora IL that last for years while keeping up the appearance of your home! For an estimate on your next concrete driveway or to learn more about our services call us at 630-973-3908.
Since we are firm believers in helping our customers make sound, informed decisions, here is a quick look at what is involved in the installation of Concrete Driveways Aurora IL with the goal of optimal longevity and durability.

Driveway and Concrete Services

Driveway Reinforcement

Newly poured Concrete Driveways Aurora IL should be reinforced with wire mesh or steel bars. Steel bars are usually positioned in a grid pattern. Both kinds of reinforcement are placed on blocks so it stays in the center of the concrete structure. Reinforcing your concrete driveway, however, doesn’t help prevent or totally eliminate cracking.

Driveway Size

The standard width for a conventional driveway for residential homes typically ranges from nine to 24 feet. The width of your Concrete Driveways Aurora IL varies based upon whether we are installing a single car or double car driveway. The width may change, however, to allow for parking space or for a turnaround.

Subgrade Preparation

So your concrete driveway will have a long effective lifespan for years to come, the important first step is preparing the subgrade, which should be evenly compressed. Generally a conventional driveway is a four inch thick layer of concrete throughout and shouldn’t vary.

Correctly Placed Joints

Joints are placed in concrete driveways to help avoid cracking.  An important part of your Concrete Driveways Aurora IL construction, joints are typically incorporated into patterns and designs to be somewhat concealed. They should be a minimum of one-quarter of the thickness of the concrete. Additionally, for a four inch thick concrete driveway, the joints should be placed no more than eight to 12 feet apart.

Adequate Drainage

To get rid of standing water and puddles, concrete driveways should be constructed with a slope of a quarter inch per running foot away from the residence. If the layout or location of the driveway somehow prevents correct drainage, then a drain should be put in at the lowest point of the concrete.

Wilson & Sons Concrete Contractors

Let Wilson & Sons Concrete Contractors install your next concrete driveway. Give us a call now at 63-973-3908 and let’s get started!


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