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Concrete Repairs

Aurora, IL

One of the main reasons so many homeowners and commercial property owners decide on concrete is that it’s durable, versatile and relatively low maintenance. But like just about any other material, concrete can still exhibit signs of wear even though it was originally mixed and poured correctly. If your property needs Concrete Repairs Aurora IL, here’s a look at the services available by Wilson & Sons Concrete Contractors:
Sunken Concrete in front of your garage door. As time passes, concrete that was poured on compacted soil can eventually start to sink and become uneven and perhaps unsafe. If the soil underneath shifts, that can also cause concrete to shift. If there’s sunken concrete in front of your garage, call Wilson & Sons for solutions.
Wilson & Sons, Inc.

Concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks and concrete patios. These are all features that can be subject to the effects of shifting soil or freeze and thaw cycles so common here in the Midwest. When these conditions cause concrete and the base underneath it to contract, surface cracking can be the result. Fortunately, we can perform Concrete Repairs Aurora IL without needing to eliminate the whole driveway or walkway.

If you have broken, cracked, tilted or uneven concrete, call Wilson & Sons today at 630-973-3908 for a FREE ESTIMATE. We will analyze your concrete’s condition and recommend your best and most affordable options.

Along with our expert Concrete Repair Aurora IL services we can perform basic concrete additions that will restore the condition of your driveway, patio or sidewalk. We have expertise installing concrete additions in a range of styles and settings. Ask us about:
*Pouring new concrete additions
*Extension of existing sidewalks and driveways
*Design of conventional and decorative concrete additions
Count on a reliable local contractor for all your concrete repairs! Wilson & Sons at 630-973-3908.


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