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Concrete Sidewalks

Aurora, IL

Wilson & Sons, Inc.

If you are considering Concrete Sidewalks Aurora IL for your residence or commercial property, there are actually many choices for you to pick from, including decorative concrete. Attractive while functional, decorative concrete is an interesting alternative to conventional gray concrete. One of the primary benefits of decorative Concrete Sidewalks Aurora IL is its versatility. You can have our experienced team install a conventional flat sidewalk with the color of your choosing, a stucco texture or other design or texture.

Concrete Sidewalks Aurora IL are very durable and typically do not get effected by factors like rainstorms, ice, wind and snow. Other sidewalk materials such as asphalt are more likely to show wear from the elements. Due to their sturdiness, concrete sidewalks are also easy to maintain. They are also resistant to warping, peeling or fading. In general, the single maintenance need for Concrete Sidewalks Aurora IL is to apply a layer of sealant every few years. Concrete is an absorbent construction material and a quality sealant helps protect it against stains and cracks.

The Subgrade

Uniformity is key to a good subgrade that will provide support and level concrete slab thickness. Wilson & Sons Concrete Contractors will carefully plan your sidewalk’s subgrade so it supports your sidewalk for years to come!

Pouring the Concrete

After framework is put in to form the edges of your new sidewalk, we’ll pour our quality concrete. Then our experienced team will level the concrete for optimal smoothness. After the concrete sets, the end result will be an attractive, durable new sidewalk that enhances your home or commercial property!


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